AI Powered Customer Intelligence

Turn thousands of

call recordings
email threads
support tickets
G2 reviews
app store reviews
reddit threads
survey responses
CRM notes
call recordings

into actionable customer insights in minutes.

Built for Product and Marketing teams, Zelta is an AI feedback hub which allows you to find your customers most painful problems without digging through thousands of calls

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Empowering customer obsessed teams

Leading customer feedback intelligence for
product development teams

Consolidate customer insights from 150+ sources using AI

Identify insights on autopilot. Zelta AI reads every customer conversation so you don't have to. Automatically identifying pain points, feature requests, sales objections, competitor intel and product insights.

Sync data from 150+ sources in minutes. We integrate directly with leading platforms like Gong, Zoom and Fireflies for call recordings, Intercom for customer support, the app stores for product reviews, Salesforce & HubSpot for CRM data and you can even import CSV files.

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Identify trends and emerging customer needs without digging through thousands of conversations

Customer needs identified and grouped by customer segment, product/service and ranked by associated ARR

Segment data by customer verticals and cohortsUnderstand how needs differ by customer vs prospects and by vertical, geography and product analytics cohorts.

Validate product opportunities Quickly find out how many customers have expressed a problem or made a specific request.

Build roadmaps aligned to revenue. Ensure you're not missing big opportunities and start roadmap planning from known valuable customer pains.

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Report templates for powerful analyses on demand

Win / Loss Understand why you win and lose deals to certain competitors.

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Persona AnalysisAI identifies needs, roles and responsibilities of your common buyer personas from call recordings and CRM data.

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Churn ReportsIdentify detailed reasons for churning customers such as product gaps, competitive pressure, pricing and more

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Keep on top of competitors without constant research

Market PositioningFind the reasons people buy your competitor's products and specific points of differentiation you can lean on.

Feature GapsFind the feature gaps that are causing you to lose deals.

Emerging CompetitorsIdentify emerging competitors that are taking market share.

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Answer specific customer discovery questions using your existing data

Ask customer discovery questions across all of your unstructured customer data before you schedule customer interviews.

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Integrated with all your qualitative feedback sources

What Our Customers Are Saying

They've never seen something quite like this


"Zelta is one of the most used and loved tools at Slate. The ability to quickly find out how many customers have expressed a certain problem has eliminated many debates and allowed us ship features we know will drive growth."

Director of Product Management, Slate

"Sales and product were always butting heads over what should be built. Zelta allows us to capture what every customer is saying and use it to drive our weekly roadmap meetings."

Co-founder & COO, Fairmarkit

"I’ve been looking for a platform like Zelta for a long time. Zelta’s AI-powered platform automates the painful manual theme detection and gives the team a head start on insights. Zelta is a step change in product operations."

VP Product, Ergatta

"Keeping our engineering and product teams close to the customer has been one of our biggest challenges post-series B. We're excited to use Zelta's AI-powered platform to make customer feedback and pain points more easily accessible outside of the sales org as we scale."

Founder & CEO, Radar

Our commitment to your privacy

SOC 2 Commitment
Zelta is always committed to meeting SOC2 Standards for strong security and reliability

In transit, data is encrypted via TLS 1.2 or above with secture ciphers. At rest, data is encrypted with ASES256.

GDPR Commitment
Zelta is committed to supporting regulations to advance information security and data privacy for citizens of the EU

Our team has 20+ years experience across McKinsey & Co. , Barclays, Citi Bank and data security conscious verticals