AI driven customer insights platform built for product leaders in B2B SaaS

Understand your customers without joining hundreds of calls

Zelta, powered by generative AI, gives powerful customer intelligence derived from sales call transcripts, support chats and survey data

What are my customers' top pain points that we can solve?

Prioritize your roadmap around your audiences top challenges.

Why are funnel prospects not converting?

See the reasons they chose not to buy, improving your PMF.

Why are users not adopting our software?

Understand why your customers' users are not adopting post go-live.

How do concerns of enterprise customers compare to SMBs?

Segment your data to understand the problems, needs and roadmap for different audiences.

Zelta securely unifies your fragmented customer data sources, breaking down information silos....

.... and intelligently presents answers to the questions that keep product leaders awake at night

Co-founder & COO, Fairmarkit

"Sales and product were always butting heads over what should be built. Zelta allows us to capture what every customer is saying and use it to drive our weekly roadmap meetings."

Founder & CEO, Huntr

"Before Zelta, we were relying on anecdotal feedback. We found that Zelta was able to provide us with much more accurate and relevant insights into our customer pain points."

Co-founder & COO, boosst

"Our team used to spend hours and hours reviewing call transcripts, tagging insights to Miro, and writing reports for our weekly meetings"

CEO, Xena Intelligence

"I was so sick and tired of putting together product plans based on hunches. Now, our decision making is data-driven and confident."

Connect the tools
you already use

Leverage your existing customer data

Leverage data sources such as call transcripts and tickets, pulling directly from platforms like Gong, Zoom, Fireflies, Zendesk, Intercom and more

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Sync with  Slack, Teams and integrate with all of your customer data platforms

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Zelta is the only AI driven platform enabling product leaders understand every customer more deeply than ever before