Understand your customers without joining hundreds of calls

Powered by GPT-4,  Zelta gives product teams actionable customer insights derived from Gong call transcripts, support chats and survey data.

Use Cases

Listen to your customers more closely than ever before, forget the anxiety of missed opportunities, and surface key insights for roadmap planning

What are the top customer requests that we can solve quickly?

Prioritize your roadmap around your audiences top challenges.

How do concerns of enterprise customers compare to SMBs?

Segment your data to understand different needs and roadmap for different audiences.

Anything else you can’t find or don’t want to filter for in the dashboard?

Just ask our conversational AI-powered chat bot to gain deep insights with links to source data.

All the ways to get data into Zelta

Leverage your existing customer data sources such as call transcripts and tickets, pulling directly from platforms like Gong, Zoom, Fireflies, Google Drive, Intercom and more.

Our commitment to your privacy

Always Encrypted

We store all user information on AWS servers and use SSL to encrypt data during transit and 256-bit AES encryption at rest

Endpoint Detection & Response

(EDR) Zelta has implemented and will maintain appropriate measures to protect your data against destruction, loss, or unauthorized access.

Automated Monitoring & Logging

Zelta employs Agency to continuously monitor all security systems, maintain forensic logs, and manage incident response.

Penetration Tested

Zelta has passed penetration testing from our security auditor, Agency, and will continue to be tested regularly.


Sales and product were always butting heads over what should be built. Zelta allows us to capture what every customer is saying and use it to drive our weekly roadmap meetings.

Co-founder & COO, Fairmarkit

Keeping our engineering and product teams close to the customer has been one of our biggest challenges post-series B. We're excited to use Zelta's AI-powered platform to make customer feedback and pain points more easily accessible outside of the sales org as we scale

Founder & CEO, Radar

I’ve been looking for a platform like Zelta for a long time. Zelta’s AI-powered platform automates the painful manual theme detection and gives the team a head start on insights. Zelta is a step change in product operations.

VP Product, Ergatta

Within a few minutes of using Zelta I saw connections between multiple customer calls I hadn't before. The simple interface makes our customer conversations more accessible and browsable. Zelta shortens the line from data to insight

Director of Product Management

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