AI Powered Product Discovery

Understand your customers without digging through hundreds of

call recordings.
support tickets.
call recordings.

Zelta AI automatically identifies product insights in customer calls and support chats, organizes them, and highlights the most valuable opportunities

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Empowering Customer Obsessed Teams

How does it work

Connect your feedback sources

Sync your data in minutes. We integrate directly with leading platforms like Gong, Zoom and Fireflies for call recordings, Intercom for customer support, the appstores for product reviews, Salesforce & HubSpot for CRM data and you can even import CSV files.

Identify valuable product insights automatically

Zelta acts like a product manager and automatically identifies and organizes the most important product feedback directly from source data

Target voice of customer metrics that matter

Cut the noise. Cut the anecdotes. Evidence based reporting on what the market is telling you across important metrics.

Export your data to wherever your roadmap lives

Stay focused on what matters most to your customers. Instantly identify which features move the needle and build the most valuable roadmap.

What our customers have to say

Within a few minutes of using Zelta I saw connections between multiple customer calls I hadn't before. The simple interface makes our customer conversations more accessible and browsable. Zelta shortens the line from data to insight

Director of Product Management, Slate

Sales and product were always butting heads over what should be built. Zelta allows us to capture what every customer is saying and use it to drive our weekly roadmap meetings.

Co-founder & COO, Fairmarkit

Keeping our engineering and product teams close to the customer has been one of our biggest challenges post-series B. We're excited to use Zelta's AI-powered platform to make customer feedback and pain points more easily accessible outside of the sales org as we scale

Founder & CEO, Radar

I’ve been looking for a platform like Zelta for a long time. Zelta’s AI-powered platform automates the painful manual theme detection and gives the team a head start on insights. Zelta is a step change in product operations.

VP Product, Ergatta

Our commitment to your privacy

SOC2 Commitment
Zelta is always committed to meeting SOC2 Standards for strong security and reliability.

In transit, data is encrypted via TLS 1.2 or above with secture ciphers. At rest, data is encrypted with ASES256.

GDPR Commitment
Zelta is committed to supporting regulations to advance information security and data privacy for citizens of the EU

Our team has 20+ years experience across McKinsey & Co. , Barclays, Citi Bank and data security conscious verticals

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